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2024 Quarter 1 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 11th, 2024

Lake Sheridan Estates
2024 Q1 Newsletter
Getting to know the board:
President: Robby Curtis
Vice President: Keith Porter
Treasurer: Mike Michalak
Secretary: Travis Redding
Lake: Scott Porter
Dam: Don Springs
Roads: Cori Leonardi
For any concerns or questions, you can contact the secretary at or call the HOA phone at 979-633-7117.
HOA Dues:
The Zelle account has been linked to the treasurer’s email at Reminder that the HOA Dues are due April 1st. Late charges apply on April 10th.
Improvements Around the Neighborhood:
A broken water line on Crooked Creek was repaired and the road material replaced.
We’d like to thank all of the residents who helped with mowing the dam and picking up litter around the neighborhood, including Lake Sheridan Road.
The roads have started to be bladed.
We’d like to thank all the residents who are maintaining the areas around the roads.
Let's work together:
In 2024, we have new committees that are being put in place to involve the community in improving itself. Those committees are as follows: 
Architectural Review Committee - Existing committee for reviewing major building projects around the neighborhood.
Research Committee - For advising the board of legalities and governing documents. 
Park Committee - For upkeep of the Lake Sheridan Estates Park.
Community Relations Committee - Will work with the community and help organize events.
If you would like to volunteer for the betterment of the neighborhood. Please feel free to contact the secretary at the contact information listed above. 
Lake Sheridan Estates Raffle:
We are doing a community raffle this year. The raffle will be at the annual meeting. We are still looking for donations. If you would like to donate items or know of a business willing to donate items please contact the secretary at the above contact information.
Be a Good Neighbor:
Check in with your neighbors and watch out for any suspicious activity. If you see any criminal activity please contact the authorities. Let’s help keep Lake Sheridan Estates safe.
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